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A Superheroine's Lot Is Not A Happy One ...

In Adventure Comics 418 Black Canary faced a more mundane problem. Paying the rent when her only real skills were in Judo. She had run a flower shop on Earth 2 but banks won't give loans if you try using property in another universe as collateral. Luckily she saw an ad looking for an instructor to teach a women's self defense course and got the job easily. She was surprised to find her job easier than expected, all the women in the course were already tough so she was refining their fighting skills rather than starting from scratch. She might have smelled a rat if she hadn't seen masked intruders holding her class at gunpoint and had to come to their aid. She subdued them easily enough but before she could call the police her employer knocked her out with a blow to the back of the head. Unconscious she didn't see the masked intruders revealed to be the missing members of the class. She had been hired by a gang of female crooks looking to improve their skills before they attempted to free their boss. Having learned all they could in the time available Black Canary had just become expendable. Issue 419 began with a gang member about to shoot the helpless crimefighter.

Once free it didn't take her long to bring down the rest of the gang before anyone got hurt (or rather anyone other than the gangsters) In case you're wondering the mysterious boss turned out to be Catwoman who was (presumably) being returned to Gotham City Prison from whereever she'd been caught. In the old days one of Catwoman's big quirks was that she didn't kill nor let her minions get away with murder but she seemed to forget this occasionally. Of course Black Canary had forgotten she could use her "Canary's Cry" to incapacitate the gang so fair's fair. Actually, I have to admit I'm not sure if the Cry was established as canon at this point or if it was invented as a plot gimmick later on as she definitely gained the power after switching worlds but if it was immediate or kicked in a few years later I honestly couldn't say. Anyway it's a good story and a nice piece of work by artist/writer Alex Toth. Which reminds me the earlier piece was Mike Grell art with a Dennis O'Neil story. Of course Black Canary could also get in plenty of trouble as Dinah Lance. For more on this ill fated romance click here

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