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The Black Canary

One of DC's original heroines Dinah Drake (later Dinah Lance) spent over forty years proving high heel and fishnet stockings are excellent attire for beating up badguys. Back when she hung around Earth 2 as a Justice Society member she had no powers beyond her judo skills but after her husband's death and her move to Earth 1 (DC having figured out it was a shame to only be able to bring her out of Golden Age limbo for the annual JLA/JSA teamup) she gained a hypersonic "Canary's Cry" which seemed to come and go at a writer's whim. However her martial arts skills remained constant. Shortly before "Crisis on Infinite Earths" DC tried to get around the fact that she looked nowhere near as old as she should (the other JSA members had noticeably aged) by suddenly revealing she was actually the daughter of the original Black Canary. Her mother was dead but had passed most of her memories to her daughter (thus curing her of the uncontrollable curse the "Canary's Cry" had originally been) before dying so Dinah Jr. had been freed from limbo but falsely believed herself to be the original. Whew! Anyway then Crisis rewrote DC history and everything changed, including (sob!) Diana's costume. While she did finally get her own comic (which was superseded by Birds of Prey) and returned (if only briefly) to her original costume these being more politically correct times we didn't get any covers like this one.

So what's going on here? Here's a bit of detail from Green Lantern/Green Arrow 94 & 95. Agents for some unknown government agency had just tried to drag Green Arrow off for purposes unknown and been stopped by Green Lantern (Diana tried to stop them but was hampered by being in civilian ID and a dress that hobbled her judo skills). Unfortunately Hal had picked up a virus on a recent space voyage and collapsed, in the confusion the bad guys got away. While the backup Green Lantern took him to OA for treatment Ollie got down to tracking down the badguys. Diana wanted to accompany him but he got into one of his macho moods and left her behind. Naturally she followed him. Unfortunately neither of them got into the compound undetected so Ollie's efforts to infiltrate the cleanshaven badguys by shaving off his trademark beard (with an arrowhead! Kids, don't try this at home!) were for nothing. Served him right IMHO. Anyway they let him in as they wanted to test his skills and resourcefulness but Diana was another matter and fell victim to a concealed trapdoor.

So when Green Arrow arrived at the command center he received an unpleasant surprise.

Needless to say To Be Continued!

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