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In recent years many old time Black Canary fans have been shocked by the changes she has endured. First her costume changed to a blue and black tracksuit in the wake of the Legends series and the formation of the Justice League International. Then she was brutally tortured in Mike Grell's Green Arrow : The Longbow Hunters miniseries losing her Canary Cry and traumatised to the point of nearly abandoning crimefighting. Fortunately that didn't last and she returned in Birds of Prey with a costume that, if not as good as the original, was a distinct improvement over the JLI one. While she spends most of her time kicking ass these days she still manages to get in the odd bind. As a DC fan remarked to me upon seeing BODY DOUBLES 2, "You can take the sexy costume, the sonic whammy and even the wig, but you can't take the bondage away from a superheroine like BC." He's right and to prove it here are the panels that provoked the comment. First a brief explanation, two professional assassins who believe in killing in sexy style find themselves forced to work for a sadistic alien warrior queen, Mystress. Mystress is looking forward to chowing down on the life force of superheroines and the Body Double duo are forced to provide the buffet. All of which leads to this scene.

That's what she's up to lately. Like to see how she debuted in the Golden Age?

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