Black Canary's Perch - Page 4

A Fine Romance?

While The Joker doesn't look particularly enamoured on that cover he had fallen for Dinah very hard. But being a homicidal psychopath he had his own definition of love. As he explains ...

That's the only fishnet Dinah gets to wear in this comic. The opportunity to slip away and change switch identities never occurs. Meanwhile having got the girl the Joker resumes his plan. Stealing the decorative golden star that hangs on the center arch of the Star City Bridge. Naturally Green Arrow intervenes during the robbery in an attempt to rescue his girlfriend but falls victim to the Joker's laughing gas. With Green Arrow incapacitated and his plan running smoothly the Joker took time out to pitch a little woo.

You can probably guess the rest, Green Arrow rescues Dinah with an impossible archery feat, foils the Jokers plans and the villain plunges to his apparent death. As he's the star of the book it should be no surprise he pops up alive in the next issue. Not one of Dinah's better days as stayed firmly stuck in the damsel in distress roll. But a reminder heroines attract trouble both in and out of costume.
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